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Construction Health & Safety Manual Downloads

The Construction Health and Safety Manual is our most comprehensive health and safety guide. It's a must-have for every construction worker and helps you recognize and protect yourself against health and safety hazards. Visit the Construction Health and Safety Manuals web page to download each individual chapter from the manual.

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Service Sector Health & Safety Web Tool

This tool is dedicated to the health and safety of those involved in the service, repair, and retrofit industries. It provides information on responsibilities, liabilities, hazards, and proper procedures that relate to both purchasers of services and the contractors and workers who provide those services.

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Policy and Program Templates

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires every workplace with more than five employees to have a written health & safety policy and a program to implement that policy. There are certain key elements that form the basis of a successful health & safety program.

IHSA has collected some helpful resources, such as sample templates, checklists, and forms, that address these key elements. These resources will help you establish a good foundation for writing and implementing a health & safety policy and program or identifying any areas where changes are needed to your current program.

Whether you're developing a new health & safety program or improving on your existing one, select the document that applies to your workplace or type of work and modify it to suit your company's requirements.

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IHSA's online Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations section is currently being updated. For the latest in Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations changes and ammendments, visit or click on the More Details button.

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Statistics and Research

IHSA works with labour-management committees and other stakeholders to research health and safety-related issues. We provide wide-ranging technical support to industry groups, standards organizations, and government bodies, such as the Ministry of Labour. Employers and workers can also rely on us for technical advice on health and safety concerns.

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Safety Talks

A safety talk is a hands-on way to remind workers that health and safety are important on the job. Each talk takes about five minutes and can help workers recognize and control hazards on the project.

Visit the safety talks web page to download each of the individual safety talks, as well as a safety talk report form to keep a record of each talk delivered.

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