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The Pocket Lockout Guide

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All workplaces must have an effective lockout and tagging procedure to control sources of hazardous energy. This pocket-sized booklet outlines step-by-step methods and procedures for de-energizing equipment, machines, and devices.

It goes through the six steps to lockout:

1. Identify all energy sources.
2. Isolate or neutralize all energy sources.
3. Lock and tag all isolation devices.
4. Verify zero energy.
5. Complete the work and remove isolation devices.
6. With all personnel clear, turn on energy and restart equipment.

Although developed for the Aggregates sector, this booklet can be used by any industry to help them meet the legal requirements for written procedures to control electrical hazards.

This is a joint project of IHSA and Workplace Safety North (WSN). 3.5" w x 5.5" h. 50 pages. Rev. 2015. ISBN 978-1-894761-75-8.