Safety Talks Manual
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Safety Talks Manual

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The Safety Talks Manual covers a wide variety of safety topics for the construction, transportation, and electrical/utilities industries. Delivered by supervisors or health and safety reps, a five-minute safety talk (i.e., tailboard talk) provides a hands-on way to reinforce hazard awareness and injury prevention on the job. 8 ½” x 11”. 152 pages. Revised June 2022. Over 145 talks.

Visit the safety talks web page to download a pdf version of each individual talk.

Over 145 talks are included, covering the following topics:

  • Responsibilities and Rights
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Ergonomics
  • Working at Heights
  • Rigging and Hoisting
  • Electricity
  • Vehicles
  • Trenching
  • Confined Spaces
  • Techniques and Tools
  • Occupational Health
  • Mental Health

Use the Safety Talk Report Form (RF023) to record the subject, attendees, and results of each safety talk presentation. It serves as documentation that safety talks have been delivered on site.

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