IHSA will be transitioning from the current COR® Audit Tool (COR® 2015) to the COR® 2020 standard by 2025. The following implementation dates will allow us to reach that goal:

This page has various resources that may assist you with any additional questions you have about COR®. It includes our very popular Internal Auditor Conference in the News & Events section. Also available is our COR® Certified list which can be downloaded below.

  • December 1, 2021 – All Initial Internal Audit submissions after this date must use the COR® 2020 audit tool
  • October 1, 2022 – All external audits after this date will be completed following the COR® 2020 audit tool

Organizations that are certified to COR® 2015 can transition at anytime by completing the COR® 2020 Transition Tool and submitting it to the IHSA for review.


Important Notice

IHSA does not publish the names of firms Registered for COR®.


This page provides you with all of the essential information to get you started on your COR® journey. We recommend you start with the FAQ link, and progress from there.


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