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Every successful business process starts with a robust plan built on a solid foundation. Improving your workplace’s mental health and addiction outcomes is no different. Whether your company is large, medium, or small, your psychological health and safety plan needs a practical framework. To learn more, sign up for A Call To Action: Journey With IHSA In Addressing Workplace Mental Health.

A Comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Program (COHSP) that includes a Total Worker Well-Being (TWW) approach, using the hierarchy of controls, can help boost employee engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction while reducing workplace injuries, incidents, absenteeism, and their associated costs.

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, a comprehensive occupational health and safety program has four main components:

  • 1. Occupational health and safety (the physical work environment)
  • 2. Psychosocial work environment (organizational culture and the organization of work)
  • 3. Workplace health promotion (worker health and well-being)
  • 4. Organizational community involvement (corporate citizenship)

These are not four distinct or separate areas. They overlap and must be integrated within an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHS) not addressed in isolation from one another. Comprehensive programs must have multiple avenues by which you can positively influence employee safety, health, and wellness.

The tools, resources and information below can help you develop your comprehensive occupational health and safety program. Navigate using the quick-access buttons to access more information on the various components of a successful COHSP. Then check out the IHSA’s tools, resources, training, and supports for workers, and those who support them.


Comprehensive OHS Program Components and Resources to Support Building Your Program


Occupational Health and Safety

Assessing and reducing work-related mental harm


About this Section
Occupational health and safety is at the core of what IHSA does. This section connects the dots from traditional OHS methods to building or enhancing your psychological hazard management and employee supports, with the end goal being the creation of a Total Worker Well-Being strategy.


Psychosocial Work Environment

Organizational culture and the organization of work


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Learn how to assess hazards and manage risks related to workers’ psychological health and safety—and develop a practical approach to address psychosocial hazards and foster a healthier workplace culture.


Workplace Health Promotion

Worker health and well-being with a focus on mental health
and addictions


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Workplace health promotion programs, also referred to as well-being or wellness programs, are part of a proactive approach to supporting healthy living for all employees. They cover a broad range of health issues, including mental health, addictions and other topics.


Organizational Community Involvement

Corporate citizenship


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Voluntary corporate involvement in the community and "corporate social responsibility" activities are not only good for business but also good for workers’ mental well-being—particularly when they are involved in meaningful activities that benefit their communities.


Toolkits, Resources, Training and Supports

For Employers


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In this section you’ll find additional IHSA-produced tools and resources, as well as training and supports that we deliver to help build or improve your workplace mental health program. We’ve also curated a list of valuable resources and offerings from external sources and our OHS system partners.