Being a manager or supervisor can be difficult. Typically, you have more responsibilities and tasks than a normal employee. You are also accountable for those employees: it falls on you to ensure those workers are able to do their jobs successfully in an environment that is both physically and psychologically safe.

Managing people is different than managing work. Instead of needing concrete, task-specific skills (e.g., the knowledge and ability to safely operate a crane or repair an electrical transformer), managing employees requires more subjective “people skills.” Fortunately, some basic abilities and knowledge can help you when interacting with workers and other colleagues. Check out some of the resources below and continue your learning journey.


Skill Up

Having the right set of skills and experience are critical in any role. Here are a few that are helpful to have when dealing with difficult situations at work and/or addressing complex people-related issues.


Be Self-Aware

Self-awareness is not about constantly being in a mindful state. Rather, it’s about growing and learning and being curious about why you do the things you do. Most people wait until things aren’t going so well before they dig deeper into self-awareness, but it’s good practice to try to make self-awareness a continuous journey. Take some time to consider the topics below to help you build self-awareness and become a more skilful leader.


Further Training to Consider

An easy way to keep skill building and self-awareness on your busy work agenda is to do it in bite-size portions. The resources below help you do that by providing digestible information and reminders on a regular basis.