IHSA offers a number of training options to help you and your leadership team to gain further knowledge about workplace mental health issues—and how to address them through your workplace total well-being strategy.


IHSA’s A Call to Action Webinar Series

Get started today on your plan to address key workplace mental health and addiction issues by joining one or all of IHSA’s on-demand A Call to Action webinars. The no-cost presentations are for anyone looking to address mental health, psychological safety, and well-being in their workplace or union.


IHSA Topical Webinars

Access these free, topic-specific webinars at any time. Keep your eyes on this page: webinars on even more mental health topics will be added soon.


IHSA Safety Talk Facilitator Training

Learn some key things to consider before delivering IHSA mental health Safety Talks by taking the free Safety Talk Facilitator Training webinar. And be sure to download the companion document, How to Talk About Mental Health at Your Workplace, to learn more about how to competently lead discussions on mental health.


IHSA eLearning

Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act lays out the responsibilities of employers to provide violence-and-harassment-free workplaces. In IHSA’s presentation, Workplace Violence and Harassment: What Employers Should Know, you’ll learn what the law says and what employers need to do—as well as the ins and outs of risk assessment and development a program to help protect workers.

Occupational Mental Health eLearning course

Occupational Mental Health

A person’s job and workplace should not harm their mental health. Maintaining a psychologically healthy and safe workplace is a joint responsibility. This eLearning module will help you identify the components of a psychologically healthy and safe workplace, how you can contribute and when to seek support for mental health.

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Workplace Violence and Harassment eLearning course

Workplace Violence and Harassment: What Employers Should Know

The OHSA has been amended to help protect workers from workplace violence and harassment. In this presentation, find out what the law says, what the employer needs to do, risk assessment, and development of a program. (See also: Workplace violence & harassment.)

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IHSA In-person Training

Face-to-face workshops to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness. IHSA can also create customized in-person training for your business.


IHSA Podcasts

IHSA's Safety Podcast

IHSA Safety Podcast

Visit IHSAsafetypodcast.ca for valuable insights on many workplace health and safety topics, including episodes on addressing mental health and addictions.

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