Workplace Mental Health page

IHSA is committed to supporting employers and workers with their occupational health and safety needs. That includes psychological health and safety—a growing and critically important area for workplaces to address. In the sections below, you will find tools, resources, education, and supports from IHSA and our health and safety system partners. They are designed to help you make mental health and wellness part of your everyday health and safety practice, whether you are an employer, worker, or support person.

Employers in particular can access information to build a workplace plan for identifying and addressing psychosocial hazards and to put in place effective supports. Workers and supporters will find resources aimed at a fostering a better understanding of mental health and addiction issues, and how each person can contribute to a psychologically safe work environment.


Employer Toolkit


Build a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Total Worker Well-Being strategies.

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Worker Toolkit


Learn about psychological health and safety in the workplace, total worker wellbeing and mental health at work.

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Supporter Toolkit


Learn how to support colleagues who may be struggling with declining mental health in the workplace.

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The Opioid Crisis in the Trades


Learn about the issues and what employers can do.

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Workplace Violence & Harassment


Manage the risks associated with WVH in the workplace.

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