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We offer fully interactive online multimedia training programs. The do-it-yourself training often features graphics, video and sound. Users can proceed at their own pace, testing their knowledge along the way.


E-Learning Courses – Certificate

Certification is awarded for the successful completion of the online courses listed below.


COR™ Essentials E-learning

COR™ Essentials is one of the mandatory training requirements for the COR™ program. A representative from senior management and one designated full-time permanent employee must take prescribed training offered by IHSA. The training is conducted to help the employer understand and commit to the program, and for the permanent full-time employee to become the designated Internal Auditor.

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Workplace Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention

This course educates participants about workplace violence and harassment, prevention and intervention strategies, and the legal requirements for creating and implementing appropriate policies and programs within the province of Ontario. Course content complies with Bill 132 and 168 amendments to the OHSA of Ontario, which addressed the issue of workplace violence.

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Electrical Safety and Awareness

This course examines the hazards associated with electricity and safety measures to reduce the risk of injury. Units include: Theory, Electrical Flow and Barriers, Induction, Electricity and the Body, Step and Touch Potentials, and Safe Limits of Approach.

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Fire Safety

This course is designed to give the participant, the knowledge in fire safety and prevention, fighting a fire by recognizing user and equipment limitations, the fundamentals of fires, types of fire extinguishers, and the proper handling of the fire extinguisher.

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Incident Investigation

This course examines the responsibilities of specific workplace parties with regard to incident investigation and reporting, explains the steps in the incident investigation process, and identifies the types of information that must be included in an incident report.

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Lockout – Tagout

This program explains the importance of Lockout-Tagout in safeguarding workers who operate machinery or processes in industry. The basic tenets of safety are explained as are the specific stages and procedures of the Lockout-Tagout process.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Awareness

This course explains the importance of PPE as a means of protecting workers from workplace hazards and describes the types of PPE which may be used in the workplace.

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Working Safely Alone

This course identifies categories of workers that meet the general definition of "working alone", explains OHS laws in Canada as they pertain to those who work alone, and describes practical safety measures that should be implemented to protect lone workers in various circumstances, including those who work with cash, work in isolated circumstances, meet clients in off-site locations, travel alone, and/or perform hazardous work tasks.

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WHMIS 2015

WHMIS 2015 Online is based on the current 2015 legislation and meets the legislated requirement for general WHMIS training. Employers must also provide workplace-specific training and instruction for each of the hazardous products in the workplace. WHMIS 2015 has come into effect with a transition period that lasts several years (full implementation by December 1, 2018).

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Workplace Hazards: Identification, Assessment and Control

The course examines the types of hazards which may be found in the workplace, identifies the health and safety risks posed by those hazards, and describes the step-by-step process which must be followed in order to identify, assess and control hazards in the workplace.

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Workplace Inspections

This course examines the role of workplace inspections in an organization’s overall health and safety program, describes the workplace inspection process, and identifies the necessary components of a workplace inspection report

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Pipeline Construction Safety Training

The Construction Sector Council is offering this online Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) course to help workers understand basic safety requirements on a pipeline jobsite.

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PCST Certificate Renewal

The Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) certificate expires after three years. If you have previously completed the PCST course and would like to renew, register for the Certificate Renewal.

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E-Learning Programs – Non-certificate

Certification is not awarded for the online programs below. They are intended for informational purposes only.


Basics of Asbestos

Asbestos-related diseases are the #1 work-related cause of death among Ontario construction workers. In this presentation, find out what asbestos is, what the potential health effects of exposure can be, how to identify asbestos in infrastructure, and how to work with it safely.

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Workplace Violence and Harassment: What Employers Should Know

The OHSA has been amended to help protect workers from workplace violence and harassment. In this presentation, find out what the law says, what the employer needs to do, risk assessment, and development of a program. (See also: Workplace violence & harassment.)

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Basics of Hearing Protection for Workers

In this presentation, you will find out about noise control, noise exposure levels, use of hearing protection and good hearing protection practices. An optional quiz is included to test your knowledge. 20:40 min.

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Basics of Hearing Protection for Employers and H&S Reps

In this presentation, you will find out about noise control, noise exposure levels, use of hearing protection and good hearing protection practices. An optional quiz is included to test your knowledge. 21:29 min.

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