In 2016, the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) began the transition from its Construction Health and Safety Officer (CHSO) program to the more refined and accountable National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO®) program. Since then, more than 900 people have successfully achieved the NCSO® designation. While the process has been in place since 2016, IHSA recently completed a review and identified potential knowledge gaps within the NCSO’s existing training requirements, and therefore to ensure continuous improvement of the NCSO® certification, and to enhance the knowledge of NCSO® applicants, there will be additional requirements implemented on January 1, 2023, for both new applicants and existing NCSO’s to ensure we are setting applicants up fro success.

The four knowledge gaps were identified through a review of NCSO® Examination results as well COR® audit results. The areas of concern include Preventative Maintenance, Health and Safety Programs, Communication Skills, and Incident Investigation. To ensure these changes overcome the knowledge gaps and in keeping in mind the financial impact on the applicant, the IHSA has developed strategies to keep the cost low while ensuring the applicants leave with the knowledge required to be successful on the exams and in their health and safety role.

As of January 1, 2023, new applicants must, in addition to the current NCSO® requirements, complete and demonstrate the following;

1. Preventative Maintenance on-demand webinar – no cost
2. Health and Safety Program, Policies, Procedures, and Practices on-demand webinar – no cost – 15 minutes
3. Investigating and Reporting Incidents Training Program – 1 day – Currently on offer at $85 per person for 1 year. After October 31, 2023, the cost will recommence at $169 per person.
4. Submit a minimum of two previously completed safety talks, demonstrating the applicant's ability to communicate specific hazard information in an established format.

In addition, existing NCSOs must complete and submit the required items above on their next maintenance cycle. The two webinars will account for one hour each of your maintenance requirements.

Stay tuned to IHSA's NCSO® page to learn more about the upcoming changes and updated guidance documents.

NCSOs will also receive additional information on these changes during our 1st Annual NCSO® Conference on November 24, 2022. If you have not received your invitation, please contact the NCSO® administrator at