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Wind Turbine High-Angle Rescue

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This program is specifically designed to teach workers how to perform a rescue on a wind turbine. Participants are required to bring their own CSA approved hard hat/helmet, hand (work gloves), foot protection, positioning lanyards, Y-Lanyard, body harness for fall protection equipment, body belt, rescue gear, kits that your company has in place as well as climbing/positioning/rescue procedures/instruction. The participant will not be permitted to participate in the course if they do not bring the noted personal protective equipment and tools.


Program Content

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Introduction to Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) principles
  • Fall protection inspection
  • Anchorage and connectors
  • Rescue equipment
  • Knots and ropes
  • Packaging a suspended injured worker
  • Rescue procedure development
  • Rescue procedure practical

Who Should Attend?

Technicians who work in or on wind turbines.


Delivery of this program at your facility will require a suitable space to complete the practical portion of the program as well as the required equipment. Please check with your IHSA Consultant/Trainer for specific requirements.

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