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Program Description

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is responsible for setting and maintaining the program standards for the School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC).

In partnership with the school bus licencing stakeholders, the MTO has made improvements to the SBDIC by introducing new minimum course content and program delivery standards, as well as a formal course provider approval process. The improvements address changes in industry practices, driver’s licencing requirements, vehicle standards, and recommendations made by the Chief Coroner of Ontario. The new program will help facilitate the continued safe transportation of children by ensuring that all new school bus drivers receive consistent and high-quality training.

To expand the reach of this training, IHSA offers the opportunity for companies to become IHSA Training Partners. By becoming an IHSA Training Partner, you not only gain access to IHSA’s innovative training materials, but you can also strengthen a revenue stream for your company. For a minimal investment, you will save on the cost of sending your own employees for training and will be qualified to train others in your industry.

To become an IHSA Training Provider for the SBDIC, review the information on our Training Partner page to make sure you meet the requirements. It outlines the steps to take and the prerequisites you need before enrolling in the instructor workshop.

The School Bus Driver Improvement Instructor Workshop has been redesigned to meet the new SBDIC standards. Students will be required to hold a valid Ontario B or E licence and supply specific information for registration and administration purposes.

For more information on becoming an IHSA Training Partner, please contact our Training Partner Customer Service Representatives at 905-625-0100 or 1-800-263-5024 ext. 6062. You may also send an email to


Program Content

This course is designed to give your employee the confidence and competence to deliver training courses to fellow employees. The participant will learn to incorporate proven adult learning principles into their presentations and practice effective instructional techniques.




Learning Evaluation

There are module quizzes throughout the course. Successful delivery of a presentation is required for successful completion of the course.


Participant Course Evaluation

At the end of the training, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate and provide comments about the training they received.

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Call to Register

To inquire about possible dates and enrollment for this course, please contact our Training Partner Department at 1-800-263-5024 ext. 6062.