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Program Description

This IHSA course is hands-on

This program familiarizes participants with many of the basic job duties carried out by powerline technicians. It also allows employers the opportunity to observe and evaluate prospective job candidates or recent hires as they perform basic trade tasks.

This unique program is a combination of theory and practical hands-on exercises facilitated by our experienced instructors. While there is established program material, the content of the program can be tailored for an individual firm’s needs.


Program Content

  • Interpretation of applicable legislation
  • Overview of the Electrical Utility Safety Rules
  • Operation of radial boom derricks and aerial devices
  • Pole climbing exercises with belts and spurs
  • Pole top rescue and bucket rescue evacuation
  • Rigging exercises and knot tying
  • Use of rubber protective equipment during simulated live line work using the aerial device
  • Switch and live-line clamp operation using specialized tools of the trade
  • Grounding and bonding exercises

Who Should Attend?

Firms that hire new powerline technician employees or firms wishing to provide an assessment of their skills.



Delivery of this program at your facility will require a suitable space to complete the practical portion of the program as well as the required equipment. Please check with your IHSA Consultant/Trainer for specific requirements.


Learning Evaluation

A score of 70% on the written knowledge evaluation and successful completion of all field tasks is required for successful completion of the course.


Participant Course Evaluation

At the end of the training, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate and provide comments about the training they received.


Personal Protective Equipment / What to Bring

Participants are required to bring their own CSA-approved head, eye, and foot protection, leather work gloves, Class 2 or 4 rubber gloves, clothing suitable for outside work (FR rated for work in an electrical environment), climbing equipment and hand tools (belt and spurs), and approved fall restrict system for climbing wood poles. A calculator is also required. Attendees will not be permitted to participate in the course if they do not bring the noted personal protective equipment and tools.

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1 - 3 Days
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For pricing and availability, please contact Alain Leger directly.


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