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Program Description

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association

This one-day course gives participants a basic understanding of overhead crane operations. It is available only at the customer’s facility.


Program Content

  • Overhead Crane Hazards
    Participants will learn to recognize hazards and apply appropriate controls to ensure safe operation of an overhead crane and safe loading and unloading of material.
  • Legal Responsibilities
    Participants will learn to locate and cite sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and applicable regulations and guidelines for overhead cranes and identify crane operator responsibilities found in the OHSA and applicable regulations.
  • Overhead Crane Inspection
    Participants will learn to identify various types of overhead cranes and their components. Using approved inspection techniques, the participant will learn to inspect and select:
    • overhead crane equipment and associated devices
    • rigging devices.

Program Requirements

  • An overhead crane must be available for the hands-on training and evaluation.
  • The crane must be certified and the certification must be up-to-date.
  • A suitable space must be available for hosting the course.
  • Appropriate rigging hardware must be available for the hands-on training and performance evaluation.
  • Suitable materials for rigging and lifting must be available.

Personal Protective Equipment

Participants must wear appropriate clothing and bring their own personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes CSA-certified foot and eye protection, gloves, and any other PPE as required by the employer. The PPE must be well-maintained and in good working order as per the manufacturer’s specifications and regulatory requirements. Those who do not have the necessary PPE will not be able to complete the program.


Learning Evaluation

To obtain a certificate of completion for this program, the participant must be present for the full program and achieve a grade of 75% or more on the written multiple-choice test. In addition to the written test, the participant must successfully pass a hands-on performance evaluation.


For cab mount controls on bridge cranes, additional hands-on time may be required.


Who Should Attend?

Those who use overhead cranes in their facility or workplace should attend. This training will benefit both new and experienced operators. Supervisors of personnel who operate overhead crane devices should also attend.

Contact: Jeff Dawson for detailed information on facility requirements and equipment.


This Overhead Crane Operator training program will help prepare operators to work safely while operating an overhead crane. However, additional training may be required by the employer for operation and maintenance topics not covered in this course.


Delivery of this program at your facility will require a suitable space to complete the practical portion of the program as well as the required equipment. Please check with your IHSA Consultant/Trainer for specific requirements.

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To inquire about possible dates and enrollment for this course, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-263-5024.


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