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Program Description

These workshops include hands-on scenarios through which participants will learn how to use various ergonomics checklists to complete an assessment of workplace-specific situations. These tools can also be applied to any work situation.


Program Content

  • Awareness of MSDs and MSD hazards
  • Recognition of MSD hazards associated with manual material handling
  • Training on simple tools to assess MSD risk
  • Training on tools to help determine root cause
  • Developing solutions to reduce or eliminate MSD hazards associated with manual material handling
  • Training to help implement and evaluate solutions


  • Conducting an assessment and making the appropriate adjustments to office equipment in order for the user to assume optimal postures
  • Varying the tasks performed throughout the day for optimal postures and comfort


  • Conducting an assessment and learning how to make recommendations for job-specific controls

Who Should Attend?

JHSC members, supervisors, health and safety managers, safety representatives, or anyone involved in workplace inspections.

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