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This webinar will help participants better understand the musculoskeletal health concerns associated with working on the computer, including:

  • The common injuries faced by computer users – Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • The hazards that increase a computer user’s risk of developing MSD
  • How to recognize/report musculoskeletal discomfort and MSD hazards at your home office
  • Tips on how to reduce the MSD risk and make improvements to your home workstations
  • Understand the legal responsibilities of the workplace with regards to home office workstations
  • Tips on what to look for if purchasing chairs and desks for the home office
  • Resources needed to be productive when working from home.

The intended audience is geared primarily for workers that have been required to work from home during the pandemic, as well as workplaces that are required to manage individuals that work from home.

1 hour and 5 minutes in length this webinar also includes a certificate of participation.

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