What should the employer do?Document


1. Prepare the workplace harassment and workplace violence policies Document


2. Assess the risk of workplace violence Document


3. Develop procedures to control the risks Document

  • Ensure that procedures are in place to summon immediate help
  • Ensure that reporting procedures are in place to report incidents, complaints, or threats
  • Be prepared to investigate and deal with incidents, complaints, or threats

4. Take precautions to protect workers from domestic violence Document

  • Determine whether procedures for workplace violence are adequate to deal with domestic violence situations and if not, develop a plan for the targeted worker
  • Inform workers that they can report their concerns if they fear domestic violence may enter the workplace
  • Be prepared to investigate and deal with these concerns

5. Provide information and instruction Document

  • Provide appropriate information and instruction to workers on the contents of the policy(s) and program(s). Remember to include a worker's "right to refuse" .
  • Provide information, including personal information Document, related to a risk of workplace violence from a person with a history of violent behavior if the worker can expect to encounter that person in the course of his or her work and the risk of workplace violence is likely to expose the worker to physical injury
  • Provide information or instruction to supervisors if they are going to follow up on reported incidents or complaints
  • Identify what information, instruction, or training is needed when a worker is hired and when a worker changes jobs
  • Identify how often instruction or training should be repeated