Stop and Reflect

Time for a mid-year review of your health and safety practices

We are half way through 2021, and IHSA member firms are in the midst of a busy working summer. But perhaps it is time to stop and think about how to improve safety around the shop, worksite, warehouse, or other work zone. If we do, we may finish the second half of the year with a definite improvement in the workplace safety statistics for Ontario.

When we compared the injury figures so far for 2021 with last year, we saw an increase in injuries in several areas. This page gives you direct links to resources that may help you make sure that workplace injuries and illness do not stifle your firm’s productivity for the rest of the year.

If you are a small company with only a few employees, it can sometimes be hard to incorporate health and safety into your business. Even larger firms can lose sight of the big picture during a busy summer. But IHSA can make the task a little easier. The following resources point out some of the major hazards that IHSA member firms deal with, and they make suggestions about what to focus on, such as training, safety meetings, and supervisory support.


IHSA Hazard Awareness Resources



Falls continue to be one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities and critical injuries across Ontario. Those include both falls from heights and falls that result from slips or trips. Visit these IHSA topic pages to learn more about these dangers.


Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

These resources help you recognize, assess, and control ergonomic hazards that could lead to painful and expensive musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).


Struck-by Incidents and Working with Machinery

Struck-by injuries are among the three most common lost-time injuries in Ontario. One of the most serious dangers for workers is being struck by a moving vehicle or a large piece of equipment. The following resources are intended to raise awareness of health and safety hazards for workers who are exposed to vehicular traffic.


Motor Vehicle Incidents and Driving

In Ontario, motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of workers' injuries and fatalities. The following resources will help a company set up a comprehensive road safety program to reduce injuries and fatalities.


IHSA Safety Solutions

IHSA can connect member firms with training, with products, and with many free resources. That will make it easier for you to improve your health and safety program, link with safety professionals and industry peers, and obtain crucial safety information that is specific to your firm’s work.

The following articles and links contain essential information to help owners, managers, supervisors, and workers ensure that work is safe in every job.


Identifying Hazards


Supporting Supervisors


Seeking Out Safety Resources


Connecting with Industry Peers