Falls Awareness Week 2023

For the seventh year, IHSA will join workplaces across Ontario to promote Falls Awareness Week (FAW). FAW is part of a campaign to prevent falls, which is one of the leading causes of death and critical injuries in the construction industry. The purpose of the campaign is to support an open dialogue about fall hazards at work and foster a shift in workplace culture surrounding falls.

In support of this event, IHSA has developed a Fall Prevention Toolkit (W016), which contains resources such as safety talks, forms, checklists, articles, advisories, and posters. These resources can help employers develop site-specific WAH training and educate their workers on how to protect themselves from fall hazards.

Falls Awareness Week Booklet W016

Download IHSA’s Fall Prevention Toolkit (W016)

The 2024 version of the Fall Prevention Toolkit assigns different fall-related topics for each day of FAW. We encourage employers and workers to stop work for 15–30 minutes each day during FAW and conduct safety talks, hold discussions, or give presentations on each of the daily fall-related topics. These discussions can help identify fall hazards and gaps in knowledge or training, which can help keep everyone safe on the job.

Employers and supervisors can also use this time to refresh or expand their knowledge about the best ways to protect their workers from falls.

Access the daily fall-related resources for Falls Awareness Week below:


Falls Awareness Week Resources


Day 1 – Kick-Off (General fall-related safety hazards)


Day 2 – Falls from Ladders


Day 3 – Slips, Trips, and Falls from Stairs


Day 4 – Falls from Roofs and Heights


Day 5 – Falls from Scaffolding and Suspended Work Platforms


Additional Resources & Information