IHSA provides detailed injury performance data and occupational disease data for its membership. For injury performance, we also provide data specific to each of the 27 rate groups we serve. This information can help you understand the types of injuries and illnesses that workers in your industry or sector are experiencing. It can also help you determine where your health and safety resources will be the most effective.

The injury data is organized to present information on total injuries, lost-time injuries, injury rates (taking into account the workforce size), specific categories of injuries, and other pertinent details. Data is provided for the previous full year performance and five-year trend. The occupational disease data is separated into fatal and non-fatal disease claims, listing the most common illnesses among IHSA's membership.

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IHSA works with labour-management committees and other stakeholders to research health- and safety-related issues. We provide wide-ranging technical support to industry groups, standards organizations, and government bodies, such as the Ministry of Labour. Employers and workers can also rely on us for technical advice on health and safety concerns.

Our research always has a practical, positive purpose; we attempt to resolve a specific problem confronting our industries. The information we collect is used to improve workplace health and safety through the updating of health and safety codes, standards, legislation, etc.

Research is conducted in a variety of areas, including:
  • Ergonomics
    back care, musculoskeletal injuries, etc.