Safety Talk: Sharing the Road with Trucks

Sharing the Road with Trucks

All drivers are partners in road safety. Whether we’re behind the wheel of a large truck or a small car, we all play an important role in the health and well-being of those around us. This safety talk outlines 10 tips for sharing the road with large trucks.


Webinar: Return to Work - Sharing the Road Safely with Commercial Vehicles

Sharing the Road Safely with Commercial Vehicles

This webinar is geared to employers who have employees who drive and for employees who drive to work and for work. This webinar includes a review of the top 10 tips for sharing the roads safely with large commercial vehicles along with some resources available from IHSA. 45 minutes in duration and includes a certificate of attendance once completed.


IHSA Magazine Vol. 20 Issue 1: Sharing the road means sharing responsibility

Sharing the road means sharing responsibility

As a driver, you are responsible for yourself and any passengers. You also have a responsibility to understand the point of view of other drivers. Having the right attitude is one of the most important aspects of being a careful driver. Read more


IHSA Magazine Vol. 14 Issue 1: Sharing the Road Safely - Special Issue

IHSA Magazine Vol 14 Issue 1

In this magazine, you’ll find valuable information about how to eliminate the hazards that lead to motor vehicle incidents (MVIs). For example, you’ll find information about distracted driving, defensive driving, common risk factors for MVIs, some helpful tips for sharing the road with trucks, and a new perspective on impaired driving from a veteran road safety reporter.Read more


The IHSA Safety Podcast Episode 2: Sharing the road safely with large trucks

Our candid road safety conversation with OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt continues as he shares what risky driving behaviours he sees on the road around transport trucks. Often drivers of passenger vehicles are not aware of the limitations of transport trucks. Tune in to this episode to become a better informed driver around large trucks and improve how to share the road with them. Click here to listen.


Road Safety in Northern Ontario

Operating a vehicle in Northern Ontario presents a unique set of driving-related hazards. Many road users are putting their safety at risk by not understanding or failing to consider the differences between driving in the north and driving in Southern Ontario. Whether operating a commercial motor vehicle or a passenger vehicle, it is important to be aware of the distinct driving hazards and road conditions in Northern Ontario. Click here to listen to the podcast episode on Road Safety in Northern Ontario.


Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety on Northern Ontario Routes

Whether you are driving for work, operating a commercial motor vehicle, or travelling in a passenger vehicle, we all have our part to play in keeping the roads safe. This involves sharing the roads responsibly and applying safe driving practices. However, operating a vehicle in Northern Ontario presents a unique set of driving-related hazards. This informational webinar on commercial vehicle safety in Northern Ontario includes a review of statistical information, the differences between Northern and Southern Ontario roads, use of the app, safe driving practices, and how IHSA can help. Click here for more details about the webinar.


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