The Silica Control Tool can reduce risk, protect workers, and improve efficiency for construction companies who work with silica by developing and providing an Exposure Control Plan.

Silica Control Tool

There are a number of benefits for employers and workers who use the tool:

  • Reduces risk of silica exposure
  • Reduces risk of lung disease
  • Helps prioritize effective controls
  • Helps employers implement safe practices to prevent impacts

The Silica Control Tool uses data that you provide to determine the amount of silica being produced, and generate an action plan to reduce exposure.

The Silica Control Tool is a data-driven program, so the information you provide will also help inform action plans for other users, and help keep the tool current with activities and practices in the construction industry. Your personal and professional data will not be shared with entities outside of project partners, OHCOW, CCOHS and IHSA. Your data and general use of the Silica Control Tool will not be used for compliance or enforcement purposes.

IHSA Silica Control Tool Testimonials

Mike Dauncey

I am thrilled to share my experience with the Silica Control Tool, a game-changer that has significantly elevated the efficiency and safety standards in our workplace. As a construction Safety Manager, we often deal with materials that contain crystalline silica, such as concrete, brick, and stone. I know that exposure to silica dust can cause serious health problems, such as silicosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

By effectively managing and controlling silica dust, our team members now operate in a safer space, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and long-term health concerns. This aspect alone has garnered appreciation and gratitude from our workforce, fostering a positive and secure atmosphere.

Furthermore, the tool's user-friendly interface and seamless integration into our existing systems have made the transition remarkably smooth. The simplicity of its design, coupled with powerful functionality, has not only streamlined our operations but has also enhanced our overall productivity. Time that was previously spent on cumbersome silica control measures can now be allocated to more strategic and value-added tasks, leading to increased efficiency across the board.

In summary, the Silica Control Tool has exceeded our expectations and has become an indispensable asset in our commitment to creating a safer, more efficient workplace. Its positive effects on employee health, ease of integration, and cost-effectiveness have made it an invaluable addition to our toolkit for success. I wholeheartedly recommend the Silica Control Tool to any organization looking to elevate its safety standards and operational efficiency.

If you have questions, please contact IHSA’s Occupational Hygienist directly at