IHSA is Ontario’s trusted health and safety resource. Let IHSA help your northern business thrive by accessing consulting services, training, and products designed with the unique needs of northern communities in mind.


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Our health and safety consultants live and work across Northern Ontario and are available for health and safety consulting, training, and engagement in your community.

IHSA Training in Northern Ontario
North-Eastern Ontario Health and Safety Consultants
Email / Phone
Holly Baril
North East–Sudbury, North Bay, and surrounding area
Kerry Radey
North East-Sudbury, North Bay, and surrounding area
Karen Hermant
North East–Timmins and surrounding area
Paride Iacoboni
North West – Sault Ste. Marie
Tyler Kellar
North West – Thunder Bay
Michael Tomashowski
Kenora and surrounding area

Our Services

IHSA is proud to serve large, mid-size, and small businesses across Northern Ontario, from large city centers to smaller and more remote communities.

We offer a range of auditing services including ergonomic assessments, internal responsibility system audits, transportation compliance, health and safety audits, and assistance with undertaking COR™ certification.

We also offer courses in a wide variety of formats in order to make them more accessibleand convenient, including home-study programsandonline learning.IHSA membersare also able to order or download health and safety products –many at no charge.



IHSA consultants are experienced health and safety professionals who can show you how to apply best practices and prevention strategies to your operations, site inspections, assist with Joint Health and Safety Committees, ergonomic assessments, transportation compliance, health and safety audits, and much more. They will work with you to develop and implement a health and safety policy and program that is specific to the needs of your workplace.

By the time you are finished working with your consultant, you will have an effective health and safety program in place. Afterwards, your consultant will remain available for specific training requests or supportwith a particular issue.


Employer Health and Safety Programs (COR™ 2020, SOSE, and HSEp)

The requirements of the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) 2020 standard include contractor management, change management & procurement, controls of documents, and controls of records.

These requirements are also topics listed in WSIB’s Health & Safety Excellence program (HSEp) for which IHSA is an approved provider. As of 2020, your organization can join this program, select up to five elements per year, and qualify for a WSIB rebate. By participating in HSEp, your organization will have closed any gaps that might exist and request to be audited to COR™ 2020 and apply for MOL Accreditation to receive recognition under this program.

Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers (SOSE) is a voluntary Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) program run by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO). It promotes health and safety in the workplace and helps reduce injuries and illness. The program is made up of two parts:

Accreditation of an occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS).

Recognition of employers who have successfully implemented an accredited OHSMS and meet other criteria set by the CPO.

More information about COR™ 2020, Health and Safety Excellence program, and Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers can be found on IHSA’s COR™ 2020 page.


How IHSA can help your small business

IHSA Consulting in Northern Ontario

Small businesses represent 95% of all employers in Ontario, and they employ 28% of Ontario’s workers. Business owners know that running a business involves risks and costs; we know that a commitment to health, safety and fairness makes good business sense.

IHSA can help you to understand your specific obligations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. We also want to ensure that you know where to get the information you need to work safely and comply with the law.

Please visit IHSA’s Small Business page for more information.



IHSA consultant in Northern Ontario training student

IHSA's subject-matter experts and experienced instructors represent all our industry sectors and work together to provide training on a variety of topics.

Contact IHSA customer service to book a course in your area by calling 1-800-263-5024.

In addition to scheduled training courses, we also offer courses by request. If we don't offer the course you want in your area, contact your local IHSA consultant to request it.



IHSA currently offers over 300 different products, including manuals, DVDs, website downloads, posters, stickers, tags, cards, information bulletins, and more.

Some of IHSA’s most popular products include:

All of IHSA’s products, including free downloads, can be found on our Products page.


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Stakeholder Engagement

IHSA is committed to growing our resources in Northern Ontario. We participate in a number of outreach initiatives designed to raise awareness of the services we provide in the region.


Labour-Management Network

IHSA's network of 23 trade and 16 regional Labour-Management Health and Safety Committees has over 800 members in total. Six of the 16 regional committees are located in Northern Ontario:

  • Barrie
  • North Bay
  • Northwestern (Thunder Bay)
  • Sault Ste. Marie
  • Sudbury
  • Timmins

These voluntary, bipartite committees work to enhance and promote health and safety in the workplace. Members raise issues that are important to the region and work to find solutions. Where there are gaps in the industry, working groups are formed to evaluate and make recommendations to the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) on proposed changes to regulations.

Members of the Northern Regional Labour-Management Committees represent a vast array of companies, unions, and associations in the area.


Fleet Safety Council Northern Chapter

The Fleet Safety Council is an association of owners, managers, driver trainers and safety professionals working in cooperation with IHSA to promote safety within all industries operating a fleet and transport industry. Northern Chapter meetings are held quarterly in Sudbury and a chapter in Thunder Bay may be coming soon. Members have the opportunity to learn more about safety within the transportation industry by sharing ideas and information with other companies and individuals. We have 38 members in the Northern Chapter and over 750 members in several chapters across Ontario. Members should be employed as manager, safety supervisor, driver trainer, driver supervisor, or fleet supervisor with a company having commercial motor vehicles.


Trade and Distributor Associations

IHSA has developed strong relationships with construction trade associations and electrical distributor associations in the Northern region.


High Schools and Colleges

IHSA has been working with colleges and high schools in the North for many years. We offer training and products to complement their high skills major program and we work with Cambrian College in Sudbury to help them train their powerline apprentices.


Cambrian College

IHSA PLTN training in Northern Ontario

The Powerline Technician program is the outcome of a partnership between Cambrian College and IHSA to help employers meet the growing need for powerline technicians in Ontario, by graduating highly knowledgeable apprentices. The two-year program gives students a solid foundation in both the theoretical and the practical knowledge of electricity transmission and distribution. The program is taught both by college instructors and prevention specialty consultants provided by IHSA.

IHSA also runs a Line Crew Ground Support (LCGS) program out of Cambrian College in Sudbury and Confederation College in Thunder Bay. IHSA’s Line Crew Ground Support (LCGS) program is a 15-week job readiness program based at Cambrian College in Sudbury and intended for Indigenous youth. The graduates are mentored by IHSA trainers, and they complete the program with a long list of training certificates, including WHMIS, traffic control, defensive driving, mobile crane operator, working at heights, ladder handling, and rescue practices, to name only a few.

For more information about IHSA’s Powerline Apprenticeship and LCGS programs, please visit our Line Crew Ground Support page.