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2-Minute News 2020

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2-Minute News Archives


April 2020

  • IHSA Safety Talk: Safety at home
  • Reminder: IHSA COVID-19 safety resources available online
  • IHSA staff working to combat COVID-19 spread
  • Filing WSIB COVID-19 claims online
  • Transportation updates from the MTO
  • COR™ update from IHSA
  • April 28 — Day of Mourning
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March 2020

  • IHSA COVID-19 safety resources available online
  • WAH regulation amendment
  • IHSA Safety Talk: Sharing the road with trucks
  • Magazine now available
  • New eLearning courses available from IHSA
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February 2020

  • IHSA Safety Talk: Driving—MSDs
  • IHSA launches COR™ 2020
  • Product spotlight: Joint Health and Safety / Worker Trades Committee Poster (2019 Ed) (P041)
  • IHSA joins OGCA at Leadership day
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January 2020

  • IHSA Safety Talk: Electrical safety
  • Training spotlight: Two new courses for suspended access work
  • Health and Safety Advisory: Asbestos in Elevator Components (W158)
  • Musculoskeletal Hazards and Controls: Painters and Decorators (W332)
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