a snapshot of two-minute news from 2015

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2-Minute News Archives


December 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Lift trucks in the warehouse
  • Product spotlight: New Pocket Lockout Guide available
  • Changes to regulations in construction announced
  • IHSA Safety Groups are recruiting
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November 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Defensive Driving — Highway Traffic
  • MOL Alert: Unguarded Rotating Trolley Track Hoist Drums
  • IHSA has training courses available across Ontario
  • Product spotlight: Your Guide to Safe, Efficient, Winter Driving (B010)
  • Statement from the Chief Prevention Officer regarding recent fatalities
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October 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)—Risk factors
  • Work shouldn't hurt: Ergonomic resources for IHSA members
  • New transportation brochures highlight key hazards and solutions
  • Working at Heights courses available across Ontario
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September 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Safe Setup of Heavy Equipment
  • MOL safety blitz on heavy equipment this fall
  • IHSA.ca Magazine focuses on small businesses
  • Working at Heights now available in French
  • Basics of Supervising programs to be updated in fall 2015
  • IHSA's 2014 Annual Report now available
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August 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Heat Stress
  • Safety organizations join forces at CNE to raise awareness of distracted-driving
  • Annual General Meeting set for September 24
  • IHSA becomes the 100th organization to receive the Certificate of Recognition in Ontario
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July 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Excavator Hand Signals
  • Health and Safety Advisory: Mobile Devices
  • Participants still needed for research on work-related head and brain injury
  • Hazard Alert: Loading Limitations of Utility Service Covers in Public Sidewalks and Other Non-Roadway Areas
  • OPUCN receives ZeroQuest™ Sustainability Award
  • Product Spotlight: Health and Safety Guide: Arc Welding
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June 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Sun Protection
  • Product spotlight: Boilermakers Health and Safety Manual
  • 2015 Fleet Safety Educational Conference details announced
  • MOL to focus on trenching in July and August safety blitz
  • Hazard alert: Mast Climbing Work Platform—Safe Use, Maintenance, and Inspection
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May 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Powerline Contact
  • Roadcheck 2015: June 2-4
  • IHSA has resources for MOL Struck-by Blitz
  • IHSA sponsors Ontario Technological Skills Competition
  • What is a worker? Definition changes in Ontario legislation
  • ESA hosting Community Powerline Safety Summit
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April 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Dump Truck Tipovers—Workers in Vicinity
  • MOL focusing on struck-by hazards in May and June
  • Ministry of Transportation makes changes to vehicle inspection rules
  • You're invited to the ESDC Labour Program's Open House
  • Participants needed for research on work-related head and brain injury
  • Where do you find your health and safety information? The IWH wants to know
  • April 28: Day of Mourning
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March 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Moulds
  • IHSA now an approved trainer for Working at Heights in Ontario
  • Canada publishes new hazardous products regulation
  • April is Dig Safe Month
  • Product spotlight: Call Before You Dig poster (P027)
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February 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Defensive Driving – Highway Traffic
  • Save the date: IHSA COR™ Open House/OGCA Leadership Day
  • IHSA.ca Magazine focuses on high hazards
  • Product Spotlight: Safe Work Practices for the Aggregates Industry
  • Best Practices for Building and Working Safely on Ice Covers in Ontario now available in French
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January 2015


  • IHSA Safety Talk: Lift Trucks in the Warehouse
  • Vehicles/mobile equipment and visibility hazards at industrial workplaces
  • IHSA to reach new Canadians through translated working at heights training
  • Product spotlight: Supervisor Log Book
  • Safe winter driving information available in IHSA's rebranded guide
  • COR™ Open House and OGCA Leadership day
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