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COR Essentials e-learning


Program Description

COR™ Essentials is one of the mandatory training requirements for the COR™ program. A representative from senior management and one designated full-time permanent employee must take prescribed training offered by IHSA. The training is conducted to help the employer understand and commit to the program, and for the permanent full-time employee to become the designated Internal Auditor. For complete details please visit our Steps to Achieve COR™ webpage.

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The program must be purchased using an IHSA ecommerce account in the same name as the person that will be taking the program. Each person who takes the program must have a unique email address. YOU CAN NOT PURCHASE THIS FOR SOMEONE ELSE USING YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. EACH PERSON WHO WILL TAKE THE PROGRAM MUST CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT AND PURCHASE THE COURSE. The order must be placed in the same name as you wish to appear on the certificate.

Once the purchase is complete, the link to the course will be sent directly to each learner. Please be advised that you will receive the link to the course within 10 minutes of completing your purchase.


Program Content

This e-learning course provides owners and senior management with information on the COR™ program and provides content on the Responsibilities and Commitment of Management, the COR™ Certification process including information on the COR™ Audit process and the 19 elements of the audit. Information on Health and Safety Management Systems along with the Plan-Do-Check-Act model is also provided.

  • Overview of the COR™ Program
  • Benefits of COR™
  • Management Responsibilities and Commitment to the COR™ Program
  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act Model
  • COR™ Audit Process
  • COR™ Certification Process
  • Internal Auditor Responsibilities
  • COR™ Audit Elements

Who Should Attend?

Owners or senior management who are interested in participating in the COR™ program and the full-time permanent company employee who will be performing the company's COR™ audit.

Important Notice

The COR™ Essentials e-learning course is non-refundable. Once purchased, you will gain access to the course immediately. Because of this, COR™ Essentials is a final sale.

Did You Know?

In order to provide you with this e-learning course, IHSA has partnered with a third party. In order to provide this service some data will be shared. Only the information necessary to provide you access to your course will be shared. Please note that this information will not be used for any other purpose by IHSA or by our third party partner.

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