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Structure/Tower Safe Climbing/Rescue and Working Techniques

This program familiarizes personnel with the legislative requirements for workin...

Surface Miner Common Core

The Surface Miner Common Core is designed to meet the legislated requirements of...

Suspended Access Equipment - Planners

Suspended Access Equipment - User Proficiency (Refresher)

Suspended Access Equipment - Users

This program teaches participants how to safely use a suspended work platform sy...

Suspended Work Platform System – Installer Proficiency

Suspended Work Platform System - Installers

TH Contractor Orientation Hold-off 1-day

TH Contractor Orientation Station Hazard Awareness 1-day

This one-day contractor orientation program is intended to familiarize con...

Toronto Hydro Contractor Orientation 3-day

This three-day Contractor Orientation Program is intended to familiarize contrac...
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