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JHSC Certification Part 2 - Utilities (2020)

JHSC Certification Part 1 is a prerequisite for this program. If you have not co...

JHSC Certification Refresher (2020)

JHSC Certification Part 2 is a prerequisite for this program. If you have not co...

Joint Health and Safety Committee Effectiveness

Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSCs) are now commonplace in most Ontario c...

Ladder Handling

This course provides safe working knowledge for workers who handle ladders. It i...

Lift Truck Operator - One Day

Line Clearing-Safety and Awareness

This program provides hazard awareness to support workers who are involved in li...

Lockout and Tag

This program familiarizes participants with the purpose of the legislative requi...

Mobile Crane Operator 0-8 Ton - 3 day

This program is 3 days and is for operators who have 100 hours of documented ope...

Mobile Crane Operator 0-8 Ton - 5 day

This modular training program is for persons operating any mobile crane with a l...

Occupational Health and Safety Act

This course helps participants become familiar with the Occupational Health and ...
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