As an independent contractor or small-business employer, it is your duty to protect yourself and your workers on the job. Ensuring everyone is properly informed and trained is the first step toward achieving a healthy and safe workplace.

IHSA understands, however, that your budget determines how much you can spend on training.

That’s why we offer many different free resources for small businesses—plus others that are affordably priced. Check out the tools and training highlighted on the following pages, and visit for even more products and services to support your company’s health and safety program.


Free products and downloads


Safety Talks Manual (V005)

Start every day off right with a five-minute safety talk. This manual offers more than 150 safety talks to remind your workers of the importance of health and safety on the job. The talks cover a wide range of topics, including fall protection, basic lifting, respirator fitting and maintenance, and workplace mental health. Download now

Occupational Health Risks Booklet (W120)

A collection of 15 of IHSA’s occupational health risks brochures for workers in specific trades. The brochures contain prevention information for workers and employers, plus diagnostic toolkits for physicians. Download now


Health and Safety Guide for Contracting Out Work (W006)

This booklet tells you what to consider and ask when contracting out work to third parties. It also explains how to recognize workplace risks and offers control strategies. Download now

How to Talk About Mental Health at Your Workplace (W131)

Intended for supervisors and other health and safety facilitators, this guide offers easy-to-understand advice on talking about mental health with workers, encouraging participation, and becoming a workplace mental health leader. Download now


Construction Health and Safety Manual (M029)

IHSA’s most comprehensive general-knowledge guide. It contains everything you need to know about how to recognize and protect yourself and your workers against common construction health and safety hazards—including asbestos, backing vehicles, electrical hazards, heat stress, and more. Download now

Contractor’s Toolkit (B045)

This toolkit helps contractors comply with provincial legislation Ministry inspections, and WSIB audits. It also includes sample policies, procedures, and other documents to help develop or improve your health and safety program. Download now


Training Requirements Chart (W001)

A breakdown of all training legally required for different construction jobs in Ontario. It also shows the training required based on hazards that workers may encounter on a site. Download now


Free eLearning


Basics of Health and Safety for Small Business

This brief course looks at the benefits of investing in health and safety, the legislative responsibilities of owners and employers, and measures you can take to reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses at work. Register now

Basics of Hearing Protection

IHSA provides information about noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in two courses: one for employers, the other for workers. Both courses teach you about noise hazards and how to control them, as well as legislative requirements related to noise. Register now


Distracted Driving

Driver distraction is a significant cause of collisions, injuries, and deaths in the workplace and on the road. Designed for all road users, this eLearning program will help you identify the causes and risks of distracted driving— and then learn to minimize or eliminate those distractions. Register now

Infection Prevention and Control

The COVID-19 pandemic has hammered home the necessity of controlling the spread of infection and disease in the workplace. IHSA’s basic awareness program teaches participants how infections spread and the actions they can take to protect themselves and others. Register now


Workplace Violence and Harassment

This presentation outlines employers’ legal requirements with regard to preventing violence and harassment in the workplace. You’ll learn how to perform a risk assessment, recognize violence and harassment challenges in the workplace, and develop policies and programs to protect your workers. Register now


Free training


Occupational Health and Safety Act

This half-day course provides an introduction to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Participants learn the basics of the Act, as well as how to identify the legal requirements that apply to their workplace—including when a health and safety representative is needed. Register now

Basics of Supervising

A two-day course on the role of a supervisor—from conducting inspections and communicating about hazards to investigating incidents and enforcing rules. It also provides an overview of supervisors’ responsibilities under the OHSA and/or Canada Labour Code. Register now


More free online resources


Eight Best Practices for Small Businesses

A quick-reference rundown of the knowledge, training, and implementation essentials to start a health and safety program for your business—with links to valuable resources. View resource

What to Post on Site

When you start working on a jobsite, there are documents that you are legally required to post. This checklist describes what you must post on site, plus other materials that you must make available on site for reference. View resource


Health and Safety 101 webinar

This 50-minute orientation was developed by the MLITSD, WSIB, and IHSA, and reviews how each party can assist and support small businesses in their health and safety journey. View resource

Workplace Mental Health toolkit

Psychological health and safety is a growing and critically important area for workplaces to address. IHSA’s employer toolkit helps you build a health and safety management system that accounts for the mental health and well-being of you and your workers. View resource