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Central Ontario


Small businesses have big needs, and IHSA is here to help!

Health and safety is as important for you and your team as it is for larger companies. Just as running a successful business involves accurately assessing risks and costs, running an effective health and safety program is no different. IHSA consultants are located across Ontario to help small businesses not only with their commitment to health and safety but also in an effort to improve the efficiency and productivity of your small business.

IHSA is a leader in health and safety education!

IHSA's subject-matter experts and experienced instructors represent all our industry sectors and work together to provide training on a variety of topics. For a list of all our scheduled training courses in the East be sure to click on the map below. In addition to scheduled training courses, we also offer courses by request. If we don't offer the course you want in your area, contact your IHSA consultant to request it.


Training sessions in your region

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Consulting Services

IHSA continues to make its presence felt across Ontario by providing solutions to address high-risk activities and supporting the sector-specific needs and requirements of our member firms in the East. Our subject-matter experts provide training, consulting, and auditing services, and facilitate employer-recognition programs and client outreach initiatives. We have six bipartite Labour-Management Health and Safety Committees in the East, and we have developed close relationships with trade associations and distributors in the region, as well as with area high schools and colleges. IHSA consultants are experienced health and safety professionals who can show member firms how to apply best practices and prevention strategies in workplace operations, regardless of the size of the company. We work with clients to develop or improve health and safety policy and programs, provide training, or to assist with industry-specific issues.


Manager & Consultant Contact Information for Central


Connecting small businesses with effective health & safety solutions!

Regional Manager
Lou Cavaleri
1-800-263-5024 ext. 8468

IHSA has 10 subject-matter experts serving our member in Central Ontario, reaching all regions of the Greater Toronto Area, and Barrie.

Regional Staff
Adam Rothwell
Alana Stewart
Andrew Wagner
Carrie Boyle
Dan Maksymiu
Ed Gordon
Efosa Ayobahan
James Wylie
Lisa Roberts
Mark Heaslewood
Michael Falls
Nick Orfeo

Topics & Hazards

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Tools & Resources

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