About the Program

About the CORâ„¢ Pilot Program

IHSA is running a program to recruit COR™ Associate Auditors to conduct external audits. The intent of this program is to extend COR™ to more Ontario workplaces. IHSA has a commitment to our membership to ensure that they receive consistent and reliable auditing services. With oversight by IHSA, the Associate Auditor program will ensure that COR™ external audits are conducted by competent auditors.

About COR™

As a member of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), IHSA launched COR™ in Ontario on April 1, 2012. COR™ is a national audit standard which is utilized by workplaces to develop and maintain a health and safety management system. It is now often used as a procurement prequalification requirement across Canada. Workplaces participating in this program are required to demonstrate, through a review of documentation, interviews of employees, and worksite observations, that they meet or exceed the audit requirements. For more details, visit our COR™ page.


How you can participate

How you can participage in the COR Pilot Program

COR™ continues to grow in Ontario at an exponential rate! That's why IHSA needs your help. Are you an auditor with a thorough knowledge of COR™ in Ontario? If so, then this opportunity may be right for you. Email associateauditor@ihsa.ca for more information.