This award program recognizes IHSA member firms that have achieved a specific number of work hours (based on their firm size) without a lost-time injury (LTI). Formerly known as The President’s Award, the name and criteria for this award program has been changed to account for the new firm size requirement. Employers can apply for this award when they have reached the milestone listed below for their firm size. Companies will be further recognized if they achieve any multiples of their milestone (e.g., a firm with 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers or less will be recognized for 250,000 hours, for 500,000 hours, for 750,000 hours, etc.).

For more information, download the Recognition of Performance Achievement Milestone Application Form.


Firm Size

(Full-time equivalent workers)


(Work hours without an LTI)

100 FTEs or Less

250,000 Hours

101 FTEs to 150 FTEs

500,000 Hours

151 FTEs to 250 FTEs

1 Million Hours

251 FTEs to 400 FTEs

1.5 Million Hours

Over 400 FTEs

2.5 Million Hours

NOTE: Full-time equivalent (FTE) workers normally work 2,000 hours per year.