About The Award

The Electrical Utility Safety Excellence & Innovation Award recognizes organizational excellence and is presented annually at IHSA’s Annual General Meeting to an organization that has demonstrated health and safety innovation and advancement within the Electrical Utilities Sector.



The Electrical Utility Safety Excellence & Innovation Award is awarded to a member of the Utilities/Generation/Transmission/Distribution group that has contributed to the advancement of Occupational Health and Safety through completion of an innovative program, procedure, technology enhancement, project, initiative, or other significant accomplishment.

Greater consideration for the Electrical Utility Safety Excellence & Innovation Award will be given to nominees who value diversity and have shown due consideration for others' opinions, perspectives, and uniqueness in a way that supports the creation of an all-inclusive work environment.



The Judging Committee is comprised of voting members from IHSA’s Provincial Labour-Management Safety Committee – Electrical and Utilities. These voting members will review all of the nominations and vote for this year’s recipient.

*In the event of a tie, IHSA will cast the deciding vote.



Nominations will be accepted up until 4pm (EST) on August 31, 2023.

Nominations should be submitted via the attached form and emailed to lmadmin@ihsa.ca. Please place the award name in the subject line.