IHSA consultants offer health and safety auditing services. Sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to identify a problem in the system–one with a fresh perspective and an unbiased view. That is the essence of an external audit.

IHSA Auditing Services

The results of your audit help you identify any previously unseen flaws. If no problems are discovered, the audit provides third-party documentation that your health and safety management system is functioning well.

IHSA offers several audit options to meet your needs. To take advantage of these auditing services, please contact your IHSA consultant.

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Auditing Services


Health & Safety Site Inspection Evaluation

IHSA Auditing Services

This evaluation is for companies in need of third-party site inspections/evaluations. Do you have a company health and safety program with which you need confirmation that it is actually working in the field?

A qualified IHSA field consultant will conduct this site inspection using the tool available via our website, to confirm that all applicable legislation as well as company-specific health and safety policies and procedures are being adhered to. The inspection is followed up with a summary report, indicating both successful areas, and those with opportunity for improvement.

Health & Safety Site Inspection Evaluation Tool

Pre-MTO Facility Audit

Using a Pre-MTO Facility Audit format, a qualified IHSA auditor will diagnose transportation compliance elements for remedial action. Depending on the size of your firm and the complexity of its work activities, the audit often takes three to four days. After the initial phase is complete, the auditor will compose written recommendations on how to improve your firm's existing program.

Then, the auditor will schedule an in-person meeting with your firm's representatives to review the results. You will work together to develop an action plan. Subsequent mentoring and support is provided as required.


Safety Climate Survey

This survey assists organizations in measuring and leveraging workers' perceptions of safety to ultimately reduce injury rates. This survey will assist you in understanding the link between safety climate and safety-related behaviour.

Organizations that are looking to make further improvements in their safety performance using an organizational approach will find the results very useful. Organizations that would like to understand what their employees perceive with regard to safety will find this tool valuable.


Safety/Site Evaluation

A qualified IHSA Field Consultant performs a confidential review of the member firm's current health and safety program, including a physical safety/site Evaluation of the workplace. The consultant uses a predetermined criterion document which is specific to the jurisdictional laws pertaining to the firm (i.e, federal or provincial).

Depending on the size of the firm's location and the complexity of the firm's work activities, the walk-through portion of the safety/site evaluation and interviewing staff will often take the better part of a day.

After the initial phase, the IHSA Field Consultant will compose written recommendations on how to improve the firm's existing program. An in-person detailed meeting is then scheduled with the firm's representatives to review the results and written recommendations. An action plan is developed in conjunction with the firm, and subsequent mentoring and support is provided as required.