COVID-19 Resources

Visit our COVID-19 resources page for both general and sector-specific health and safety information and best practices. COVID-19 Resources


Training Courses Cancelled in some areas due to lockdown restrictions

Due to the recent government announcement of province-wide lockdown restrictions that start on Saturday, April 3rd, IHSA must cancel training courses that are scheduled in public venues (e.g., hotels). If you have training scheduled next week, please check the Cancellation Notices to see if your course has been affected by these restrictions.

Although IHSA will continue in-person training and consulting services as an essential service, some of the venues we use will be closed during the lockdown period. If you are registered in one of these affected courses, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to reschedule your training. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.



COR™ activities are continuing as usual. If your firm requires a Letter of Good Standing or Letter of Intent for bidding purposes, contact

Due to the pandemic, Letters of Good Standing and Certificates with an anniversary date up to May 10, 2021 will receive a 30-day extension upon written request to

IHSA will receive COR™ Audits to the 21 Voyager Court South location via courier only.

IHSA recommends that clients submit their COR™ Audit electronically, please visit COR™ E-file Submission Tool for instructions.