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Pipeline Construction Safety Training


The Construction Sector Council (CSC) is offering an online Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) course through their website's E-Learning Centre. The CSC is committed to providing awareness for new and seasoned workers in the construction industry. IHSA has agreed to act as a distributor for the Pipeline Safety course.

As a distributor, IHSA's role is to provide a PIN number for the user to access CSC's online course. The user will visit CSC's website, enter their PIN number and go through the course. If the user completes the course successfully, the CSC will provide a certificate of completion.

A demo version of the Pipeline Safety course is available by visiting the CSC's E-Learning Centre or by visiting their homepage and clicking on the E-Learning Centre icon.

About the Course

Course Outline: This course has been designed to educate the worker on relevant Health and Safety issues by taking the worker through the entire pipeline construction process, from beginning to end.

Course Objectives: This course will provide workers with the tools to help them:

  • become aware of the health and safety requirements
  • learn how to assess hazards
  • understand basic safety requirements on a pipeline jobsite

Course Content: The course is organized into 13 lessons. You must complete the lessons in order. Each lesson has a "content" section which contains lesson information and review questions, and a "diagnostics" (or test) section, which contains the final quiz. Once you have satisfactorily completed all review questions and the final quiz, you may proceed to the next lesson. If you wish to exit the course and finish it at a later time, you can "bookmark" the place where you left off. The course takes approximately 4 - 6 hours to complete.

Register for the PCST course

If you are interested in taking this course, you can register through IHSA's website.We will send you a PIN number to access the course hosted on the CSC's website, along with a user's guide to help you. When you have successfully completed the course, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from CSC and have the ability to download your certificate.

Register for the PCST Renewal Certificate

The PCST certificate expires after three years. If you have previously completed the online course and would like to renew your certificate, register for the Pipeline Construction Safety Training Certificate Renewal.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium II/III or higher, or AMD equivalent
  • 128MB system memory
  • 200MB available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive / DVD drive
  • Sound card and speakers or headphones

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP2
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1, 5.5 SP2, 6.0 SP1
  • High Speed Internet (dial-up may cause your program to not launch or function)
  • Latest version of Microsoft Flash

Course Requirements

A PIN number is required prior to registering or taking an online course. This PIN number can be obtained by registering for the course through IHSA or any other local distributor. Check the CSC website for a list of distributors.

Within each lesson, there is a series of review questions designed to help reinforce material presented in the lesson. Review questions may include:

  • Multiple choice
  • True or false
  • Drag and drop
  • Matching exercises

Formal test questions have been designed to test you on the material you learn in each lesson. The Pipeline Construction Safety Training course does not have a final exam. The exam questions are after each lesson/module.

Upon successfully completing your online course you will receive a completion confirmation email. You must ensure you have a valid email address in order to receive this email confirmation.