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Musculoskeletal Disorders & Ergonomics


According to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), MSDs represent over 40% of all lost-time compensation claims in Ontario. The combined direct and indirect costs are conservatively estimated to be $19 billion from 1996-2006.

Left unaddressed, MSDs threaten both worker health and safety and the province's economic performance. Preventing MSDs can help workplaces to reduce costs, boost productivity, improve product and service quality and stimulate innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions


For answers to the most frequently asked questions about musculoskeletal disorders, visit the MSD FAQs page.



IHSA continues to develop new services to meet members' ergonomic needs. The following is a list of the latest ergonomic and MSD programs IHSA has to offer.


Provincial MSD Resources

MSD Prevention Toolbox

The 3-part Toolbox provides basic and simple-to-use tools and worksheets.


Strategy for MSD prevention

Click here to evaluate how well you are managing MSDs.

MSD Prevention Guideline


The MSD Prevention Guideline describes a recommended framework for MSD prevention.
Also available in French PDF (671 kb)

MSD Resource Manual


The MSD Resource Manual contains information on implementing the process in the Guideline, understanding and recognizing MSD hazards, risk assessment, and hazard controls.
Also available in French PDF (1.36 MB)

MSD Poster: Prevent Workplace Pains and Strains


The Prevent Workplace Pains and Strains poster can be downloaded and posted at your workplace to encourage workers to prevent pains and strains.
Also available in French.

Federal MSD Resources




Safety Talks


Health and Safety Manual






MSD Resources


For more information on how you can reduce MSDs at your place of business, click the links below.



The reports below contain statistical information about musculoskeletal injuries in Ontario for the years 2009 to 2012. Reports are categorized by construction, electrical and transportation rate groups.

Ergonomics Links


Click here for a list of web-based information on a variety of ergonomic topics, containing research and general information.