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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most commonly reported injuries in Ontario. The Ministry of Labour (MOL) continues its focus on musculoskeletal disorders. During February, the ministry will focus on manual material handling (MMH) at workplaces in the construction, health care, industrial, and mining sectors.

The ministry expects employers and workplace parties to identify the presence of MSD hazards and to take reasonable precautions to control the hazard. IHSA, in association with our Labour-Management Network, has produced a series of brochures for various trades that outline the proper controls to put in place when performing certain tasks. MOL inspectors will be using these MSD trade profiles to ensure compliance when visiting firms during the blitz. Click the links below to download the brochure associated with your trade.

MSD Seminars

IHSA can help you recognize, assess, and control MSD hazards, as well as help you to evaluate the effectiveness of ergonomics solutions. IHSA is hosting five half-day MSD seminars across the province to help people take practical steps to reduce MSDs in their workplaces and prepare for the upcoming MOL blitz.

To register, download the MSD Seminar Brochure and fax in the registration form or register online.

These seminars will provide you with a good understanding of what MSDs actually are. You'll learn about how the MOL is writing up orders under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations that are specific to MSD hazards. We'll also cover how best to protect your organization from the development of MSDs, and address MSDs as you would any other hazard. (See related article, Musculoskeletal hazards are a risk like any other.)

MSD Blitz Video

The MOL has produced a video to accompany the MSD blitz focusing on Manual Materials Handling in Construction.

MSD resources

Prevention strategies involve everyone in your company learning more about ergonomics and how these concepts can be applied to their everyday activities. For more information on how you can reduce MSDs at your place of business, click the links below.