Internal Audit

This page provides you with all of the tools you need to get started on your internal audit.

COR™ Associate Auditor Mentoring Audits

An Associate Auditor mentoring audit is the process IHSA uses as the last step for potential auditors to become an IHSA-accredited Associate Auditor.

Associate Auditor candidates have to successfully complete three mentoring audits. Once the candidate passes the mentoring audits, their names are added to the IHSA Associate Auditor list on the IHSA website.

Participating in a Mentoring Audit

IHSA is seeking firms willing to work with IHSA to assist auditors in the mentoring audit process. If you are interested in participating in a mentoring audit, please contact us via email at

Electronic COR™ Audit Tool Approval Process

IHSA is accepting applications for third-party, electronic COR™ Audit Tools. If your firm has created an electronic Audit Tool for use by auditors for either the COR™ 2015 Audit Tool or the COR™ 2020 Audit Tool, you can submit it to IHSA for review. Once approved it will be noted as an IHSA recognized electronic audit tool on the IHSA website, including a direct hyperlink.

After submission, IHSA will conduct a review of the Tool to ensure it meets all COR™ Audit requirements. If successful, IHSA will make it available on the IHSA COR™ webpage.

Submitting an Electronic Audit Tool for Review

If you are interested in submitting an electronic Audit Tool for IHSA to review, please send an email to Make sure you include “Electronic COR™ Audit Tool Submission” in the subject line.

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