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IHSA - Certificate of Recognition (COR™)

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A variety of promotional merchandise is now available for firms who receive COR™ certification through IHSA's Ontario program. Click here to see what COR™ products are available.

New Course Required for COR™ Internal Auditors
"As of January 1, 2016, COR™ Internal Auditors will have to take an additional course on Introduction to Hazard and Risk Management." Click here to read the communique.

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Partnership for Work, Health and Safety - Research Brief

An audit-based occupational health and safety recognition program: Is certification associated with lower firm work-injury rates? Click here to find out more.

GTAA to require COR starting January 2017
"According to Garry Price, manager of capital restoration projects, construction is no exception, which is why all contractors will be required to be Certificate of Recognition (COR) certified by January 2017." Click here to read more.

COR Study Interview with Dr. Chris McLeod, University of British Columbia
Click here to view the video.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) of which the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is a member. It provides employers with an effective tool to assess their health and safety management system.

COR™ is aimed at driving positive workplace behaviour and practices that lead to improved performance. It is currently being used across Canada and is a pre-qualification requirement for many contractors working in and out of the province and on public- and private-sector projects.

The COR™ program began in Alberta more than 20 years ago. While the bulk of COR™ firms are in construction, the standard is used by major business sectors in Alberta and British Columbia.

The IHSA is the 'Authority having Jurisdiction' to grant COR™ in the province of Ontario. In achieving this national safety program accreditation in Ontario, IHSA is responsible to ensure that the COR™ standards are upheld. With one common audit instrument utilized across Canada, the national standard is clear: Minimum 65% in each element and an overall audit score of 80%.

As the only Authority having Jurisdiction to grant COR™ Certification in the province of Ontario, IHSA practices the utmost diligence to ensure that the COR™ standards are upheld. Caution should be taken if any other organization suggests that it is qualified to provide accredited COR™ training, COR™ audits or COR™ Certification.

Roles and Responsibilities




IHSA oversees the COR™ program in Ontario. As a result, the following procedures, training, and information are managed by IHSA, but are not limited to:

  • managing the COR™ Program Guidelines
  • designing and maintaining the programs used to train the internal auditor and senior management
  • reviewing and/or validating all audits submitted for the COR™ audit process
  • ensuring all COR™ audit standards and protocols are followed for the program
  • fostering a positive audit environment by assisting and co-operating with member employers so that audit objectives can be met
  • maintaining the COR™ information database
  • controlling the security and confidentiality of audit documents and results
  • maintaining quality assurance of auditors and the audit process.

Employer/Senior Management Representative


In addition to the prescribed training, Employers (Senior Management Representatives) have the following obligations.

  • Notify IHSA immediately at cor@ihsa.ca of any changes to company registration information such as WSIB account number, company name, address, personnel affiliated with the COR™ audit etc.
  • Ensure audits are properly planned, scheduled and signed off by employer/senior management
  • Provide access to facilities and supporting information as requested by IHSA
  • Actively participate in the COR™ audit process and maintain COR™ training requirements
  • Provide the IHSA with feedback on the audit process to assist with continuous improvement
  • Ensure maintenance of their COR™ status is achieved on an annual basis, always prior to their anniversary date
  • Designate a permanent full time employee to act as internal auditor
  • If the designated senior management representative is no longer available, the employer is responsible for designating and training a new senior management representative and notifying IHSA in writing of the change
  • If the internal auditor is no longer available, the employer is responsible for designating and training a new internal auditor and notifying IHSA in writing of the change.

Internal Auditor


To qualify as an Internal Auditor, the employee appointed by the employer must be a permanent full-time employee of the organization and must complete specific IHSA training. The employee's name and records of training must be submitted with the internal audit to IHSA for verification.

The Internal Auditor's responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Administering and overseeing the organization's COR™ program
  • Completing and submitting the Employer's COR™ Internal Audit and the supporting documentation (as set out in Instructions for Completing the COR™ Audit document) by the anniversary date (date of certificate issue)
  • Completing pre and post audit meetings
  • Developing a written corrective action plan to ensure continuous improvement
  • Providing additional audit information to the External Auditor if requested
  • Act as the liaison person between the employer and IHSA for the COR™ program
  • Compliance with COR™ program guidelines
  • Performing to industry standards and ethical practices.

External Auditor


The term External Auditor refers to the IHSA employee assigned to provide COR™ auditing services. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing an employer's Internal Audit
  • Communicating audit requirements to the employer
  • Performing the COR™ audit
  • Generating the audit report
  • Following a code of ethics
  • Maintaining confidentiality


NOTE: An IHSA employee who provides consulting services to a specific employer cannot be assigned to act as External Auditor to that employer. The External Auditor must declare a conflict of interest if circumstances arise between the auditor and the Employer (or their representative) which may be viewed as a conflict.

IHSA COR™ Auditor Code of Ethics


Auditors for IHSA's COR program must strive to maintain a high level of professional conduct at all times. To ensure the quality of the program, Auditors must:

  • maintain high standards of honesty, integrity and trust
  • ensure that information is accurately interpreted and communicated, based on objective findings, and free of bias
  • maintain confidentiality of information
  • maintain sound judgment in pursuance of their duties
  • write reports in a timely manner
  • report conflicts as soon as possible and immediately withdraw from the program and/or audit if so requested


If, after investigation, the IHSA determines that an Auditor has intentionally breached the Code of Ethics, the Auditor will be removed from the Program.

The Benefits of COR™

  • By achieving COR™, employers are able to demonstrate to buyers of construction that their health and safety management system has been developed, implemented, and evaluated on an annual basis through comprehensive internal and external audits.
  • Additional benefits

Steps to Achieve COR™


For a step-by-step guide to achieving COR™, visit the Steps to Achieve COR™ web page.

For more information regarding costs contact cor@ihsa.ca